Shop Affordable & Sustainable Fashion

Every year there are more and more affordable and sustainable fashion choices. Yes, these two things can co-exist. Saying sustainable fashion will break the bank is simply not true.

Affordability & Sustainability

Besides shopping at your local thrift stores, buying new clothes from certain fast fashion brands can be a good choice too. That’s because these fashion giants are responding to the brighter future of fashion. By creating small batches of eco-friendly collections, they are still reaching a large number of consumers. Of course, some people say this is purely green-washing, which is why everyone should be smart about it. (I had a bad experience with companies claiming to be ethical. However I realized later that they were dishonest about what they claimed.)

The awareness raised by fast fashion brands, big or small, is applaudable in my opinion. For instance, thanks to H&M, now I know where to recycle my unwanted fabrics.

ASOS Dress & Kate Spade Backpack

My Shopping Hierarchy

To help myself shop more mindfully, I have an eco-conscious shopping hierarchy:

1. Secondhand

2. Ethical/sustainable brands or collections

3. Socially responsible brands (b-corps, “giving back” models, etc.)

4. Well-made items that can be used for years, even decades

5. Anything that doesn’t meet the first 4 criteria, try to minimize buying them

As for fabric contents, my preference is as following:

1. Biodegradable/natural/semi-natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, wool, Tencel®, Modal®, etc.

2. Recycled fabrics, synthetic or not

3. Non-biodegradable/synthetic fabrics: polyester, nylon, polyamide, etc.

ASOS Dress & Kate Spade Backpack

Year of the Pig Key Chain from Kate Spade New York

Asymmetrical Asos Dress

Outfit Details

Dress: ASOS Eco Edit, size US 0. 100% viscose

Tights: ASOS Eco Edit, size S. 92% recycled nylon, 8% elastane

Backpack: Kate Spade nylon backpack with leather straps (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange)

Leather Bag Charm: Kate Spade Year of the Pig Key Chain.

Leather Boots: Treasure & Bond, size 5.5, true to size.

I love wearing my values with eco-conscious fashion, because it’s one of the easiest ways to help shape the world in a positive way. Affordable and sustainable fashion allows more people to join in the movement, and this is a great thing.

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